Asia Business Conference 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Asia Business Conference!

As the foremost and largest student-run Asia law and business conference in North America, the Asia Business Conference at Harvard brings together leaders in law, business, government, and academia to discuss the dynamic developments in Asia today.

This year’s Conference theme is “Moving Up the Value Chain”, which explores the growth of various industries in Asia as the comparative advantage of the region shifts from low-cost production to high-value contributions. We are pleased to welcome many distinguished speakers who will participate in a diverse series of keynote talks and panels: Top investors and executives of leading corporations will participate in business-themed panels including (1) China M&A, (2) Trade and E-commerce, (3) Investing in Asia, (4) Venture Capital, and (5) Capital Market Developments. Legal experts will share their insights in five law-themed panels: (1) Trade and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, (2) Capital Markets, (3) Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions, (4) Outbound Investment and Sovereign Wealth Funds, and (5) Corruption and the FCPA. Policy makers, educators, and entrepreneurs will lead panels on topic areas such as (1) Social Enterprise, (2) Healthcare, (3) Energy, (4) Recreating Silicon Valley in Asia, and (5) Design, Innovation, and Technology.

It is our hope that our conference will prove to be an insightful survey of the economic, social, and political implications of a rapidly changing Asia.

Sincerely, Co-Chairs of the 2014 Asia Business Conference