Harvard Asia Business Conference 2013

Welcome to the 2013 Asia Business Conference!

On behalf of the Asia Business Club of the Harvard Business School, the Harvard Asia Law Society of the Harvard Law School, and student organizers from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, we welcome you to the 2013 Asia Business Conference at the Harvard Business School.

This year’s theme is “Uncertainty and Opportunity.” Today we will examine the state of business in Asia, with an eye toward the uncertainties that lie ahead, as well as new opportunities for business. Various political, economic, and social forces are shaping the future of business in Asia, and these forces can at times portend instability. But it is these same forces which also create unique opportunities in sectors ranging from healthcare to energy. And as these sectors address the challenges of Asia’s dynamic markets, they will draw on the resources of designers, security experts, legal counsel, and other professionals. 2013 is an exciting time for business in Asia, as investors look ahead from the sometimes uncertain global economic recovery, and wonder what will happen next – despite the uncertainty, for those with the right skills and ideas, there is vast opportunity as well.

We are pleased to welcome dozens of distinguished speakers from business, government and academia who will participate in a series of keynote addresses, talks, and discussion panels. We are deeply grateful for not only the time and resources our speakers have dedicated to fostering such dialogue, but also the leadership they have embodied in transforming a region that is important to many of us. It is our hope that through their deep experiences our conference will prove to be an enlightening survey of the economic, social, and political implications of a rapidly changing Asia.

Over the last year, more than 100 students and faculty advisors from the Harvard Business School, the Harvard Law School, and the Harvard Graduate School of Design have been involved in organizing the conference. Students at other Harvard affiliates, members of our alumni association and partner organizations at other graduate schools have also offered much help. We would especially like to thank these individuals who have devoted unwavering effort in making this conference possible and successful.

At the same time, we would like to thank our sponsors, whose support has also helped make our conference a reality. Sponsor representatives will be present at various events throughout the conference, and we encourage you to explore business and career opportunities with them.

Finally, we wish again to welcome you, the conference attendees. We hope that over the course of the day, you will enhance your understanding of Asian business, build a network with current and future leaders of Asia, renew relationships with old friends or make new ones, and enjoy the company of those who share your interests in business in Asia.

Sincerely, Co-Chairs of the 2013 Asia Business Conference