Asia Business Conference 2017, on March 4th (Saturday)

Welcome to the 2017 Asia Business Conference!

Since 1994, the Asia Business Conference at Harvard Business School has hosted dynamic discussions on Asia by thought leaders in a range of disciplines and fields. Today, it is the largest student-run conference on Asia in North America, drawing hundreds of attendees from not only the Harvard and greater Boston community, but also from all over the world.

The 2017 conference theme is "In A Changing World". Today, the situation around the world has been changing dramatically as we can see from the Brexit and the US presidential election. How is Asia reacting to these changes? What are the next steps? What are the roles Asia can play in the ever changing world? We will reflect on Asia's trajectory in the past, and explore what its future path would be like in areas such as business, technology, policy, law, design and others.

It is our hope that our conference will prove to be an insightful survey of the economic, social, and political implications of a rapidly changing Asia.

Sincerely, Co-Chairs of the 2017 Asia Business Conference